About Git-Blog

Git-Blog started as a side project of mine. I always wanted to be able to maintain my own website, I also enjoyed being able to have a lot of control over the HTML that was being presented at the same time. In addition I wanted to be able to version my site easily and manage the whole thing from a git repository.

To aid in the rendering I thought it would be better to go with something like markdown. This was to save time in having to do all of the HTML formatting manually, while still allowing it when it was wanted.

I've tried using other content management systems (CMS), but they all felt klunky in how they handled text and formatting. I was looking for something quick and easy to work on. I love my text editor and I don't always want to work in a browser. In addition I wanted something that could be edited and managed remotely, have a separate testing system that I could test changes out in first and then deploy easily to a production site.

Thus, Git-Blog was born. This tool is designed to be, hopefully, quick, and easy to use. It starts off as a git repository so creating new sites is just a matter of branching. The entire site is self contained based on the directory structure with each diretory allowing for custom configuration items. Headers and Footers can be customized to suit your needs in each section and allow for full PHP customization.

This probject is still in it's infancy so it's likely to either be abandoned or evolve quickly.